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“A New Day” with Dr. Tammy is a half-hour program featuring themed episodes that explore a wide range of specific relevant topics. Some of the featured topics include: Marital relations, family dynamics, grieving the loss of loved ones, challenges in the workplace, coping with disabilities, suicide prevention, the issue of bullying, problems faced by veterans of war, self-worth, improving life skills, overcoming fears, and a wide variety of timely issues. Drawing upon more than 10 years of experience working with a variety of populations in mental health, Dr. Tammy's goal for "A New Day" is to provide broad access to information that may improve individual's mental health, address family problems, assist with relationship issues, and offer solutions for coping in stressful and uncertain times. The themes of "A New Day", Dr. Tammy's warm and engaging approach, and the practical solutions offered to address commonly encountered problems all combine with a modern sensibility to create a unique television experience. 




































Dr. Tammy Bradshaw-Scott is an inspirational speaker, gifted writer and adjunct professor who holds two Master’s Degrees and a Ph.D. Degree in Clinical Psychology.  She is also a Registered Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Dr. Tammy has worked with psychiatric inpatient and outpatient populations with severe mental illness and relationship/family problems. She has also provided therapy, psychological assessments, and treatments for children, adolescents, adults and geriatrics–with the result of improved levels of functioning in daily life.  In addition, Dr. Tammy maintains her own private practice, Grace Counseling Services, LLC located in Redlands, California. 

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