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12 Weeks to Wellness

This educational series is specifically suited for anyone who wants to improve their health by determining and then properly addressing the actual underlying causes of their health problems. 12 Weeks to Wellness comprehensively covers lab tests, lifestyle, nutritional, hormonal, digestive, detoxification, thyroid, immune, metabolic, glycemic, diet supplements and other natural strategies that address the underlying causes of disease.

Healing Hope

Lonnie Melashenko highlights issues of health and wellness as addressed in a Christian atmosphere. Recorded at Kettering Hospital in Ohio, this program delivers insightful knowledge to bring about a better change in lifestyle.

Health Breakthrough

This series delves into nutrition theory simplified! Dr. Scharffenberg offers the viewers simple tips on eating a healthy diet and how to incorporate different healthy food groups into your daily life.

Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise

Join Dr. and Mrs. Krick as they interview experts on a variety of common and important health issues. This comprehensive physical checkup will answer many of your questions, and offer surprisingly simple ways to avoid many health problems.

Heart of Health

Specializing in cardiovascular health, James Marcum, MD teaches preventive care, tips on how to spot symptoms of potential problems, and how to live a full lifestyle that will give maximum heart health, 

without taking the enjoyment and fun out of life.

Hot Health

Hot Health is a program that focuses on what it means to live a nutritious lifestyle holistically. Topics covered include mental health, nutrition, and exercise to name a few. Hot Health was produced in conjunction with the General Conference health department. Tune in to this amazing program for hot health tips from doctors and nutrition experts from around the world.


For over 25 years Dr. David DeRose has been helping people improve their health through motivational presentations and natural therapies. With these seminars, learn how to become more healthy naturally.

McDougall MD

Best-selling author, John McDougall, MD, brings a wealth of information on common and uncommon conditions, diseases, and injuries. The McDougall Plan is known around the world for its success in weight loss, reversing diabetes, and reducing heart disease.

Rise Up

Rise Up and get a great cardio workout with acclaimed health and fitness experts, Tiger and Jennifer Webster. Learn tips on enjoyable lifestyle and nutrition choices you can make to improve your overall experience.

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