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New ‘Nutrition Bits’ For SLS-TV

Production recently completed on new series of ‘Nutrition Bits’ for broadcast between Smart LifeStyle Television programs.

New ‘Nutrition Bits’ sixty-second promotional spots have been recorded for use on Smart LifeStyle Television (SLS-TV), a 24/7 health and wellness channel that’s part of Loma Linda Broadcasting Network’s (LLBN) eight network lineup.


‘Nutrition Bits’ are researched, written and presented by graduate students at Loma Linda University’s Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, part of the School of Allied Health Professions. The effort is overseen by JeJe Noval, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the department. The segments examine current dietary and nutrition news and trends worldwide with commentary and advice.


Smart LifeStyle Television empowers viewers to embrace a smarter, healthier lifestyle through programming that is educational, entertaining and encouraging. Other LLBN networks include two Christian-themed English channels (‘His Word’ and ‘His Light’) as well as separate Arabic, Korean, Latino, Chinese and South Asian offerings focused on Christ.  Programs on all LLBN channels are broadcast daily around the clock. 


Free phone apps for Android and Apple devices let viewers live-stream SLS-TV and all LLBN networks nearly anywhere in the world served by 4G or higher cellular technology.

Watch the videos below for health tips from Graduate students at the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition at Loma Linda University.

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