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12 Weeks to Wellness

This educational series is specifically suited for anyone who wants to improve their health by determining and then properly addressing the actual underlying causes of their health problems. 12 Weeks to Wellness comprehensively covers lab tests, lifestyle, nutritional, hormonal, digestive, detoxification, thyroid, immune, metabolic, glycemic, diet supplements and other natural strategies that address the underlying causes of disease.

A New Day

“A New Day” with Dr. Tammy is a half-hour program featuring themed episodes that explore a wide range of specific relevant topics including marital relations, family dynamics, grieving, coping with disabilities, overcoming fears and more timely issues.  The themes of "A New Day", Dr. Tammy's warm and engaging approach, and the practical solutions offered to address commonly encountered problems all combine with a modern sensibility to create a unique television experience.

Chat N' Chew

JeJe Noval, Professor of Dietetics and Nutrition at Loma Linda University, brings her students and guest chefs into the kitchen to break down the principles of good nutrition. Discover new recipes and learn how to cook for general health, and diets for diabetes,  heart problems, weight loss, and more. 

Colorful Cooking

This ongoing series hosted by Olivia Moses, DrPH, puts all the colors of the rainbow into every meal.  Guest chefs from various parts of the world bring variety and cultural flavor.


William Loveless, EdD, draws on his rich experience as a marriage and family therapist to address relationship and family issues, ranging from boundaries, communication, divorce and remarriage.





dLife is the first of its kind — a television series dedicated to empowering the millions of Americans living with diabetes. The entertaining half-hour show features real people, real stories, celebrities, timely advice, and diabetes-friendly cooking. You’ll come away more informed, more inspired, and more connected to your diabetes.

Drugs Close to Home

Drug Alternative Program founders Cliff & Freddie Harris discuss drug addiction, chemical dependency, alcoholism and the faith based option for recovery offered to men at their live-in rehabilitation facility in California near Los Angeles in the Inland Empire.


Healing Hope

Lonnie Melashenko highlights issues of health and wellness as addressed in a Christian atmosphere. Recorded at Kettering Hospital in Ohio, this program delivers insightful knowledge to bring about a better change in lifestyle.

Health Breakthrough

This series delves into nutrition theory simplified! Dr. Scharffenberg offers the viewers simple tips on eating a healthy diet and how to incorporate different healthy food groups into your daily life.

Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise

Join Dr. and Mrs. Krick as they interview experts on a variety of common and important health issues. This comprehensive physical checkup will answer many of your questions, and offer surprisingly simple ways to avoid many health problems.

Heart of Health

Specializing in cardiovascular health, James Marcum, MD teaches preventive care, tips on how to spot symptoms of potential problems, and how to live a full lifestyle that will give maximum heart health, without taking the enjoyment and fun out of life.


Help! I'm a Parent

"Help! I'm a Parent" by Claudio and Pamela Consuegra, Directors of Family Ministries of the North American Division, draws on the Bible and experts in the field to inspire parents as they embark on the journey of raising their children. 

Hot Health

Hot Health is a program that focuses on what it means to live a nutritious lifestyle holistically. Topics covered include mental health, nutrition, and exercise to name a few. Hot Health was produced in conjunction with the General Conference health department. Tune in to this amazing program for hot health tips from doctors and nutrition experts from around the world.


Where life, love, career, pleasure, and life-issues come together. University professors, professionals, and people come together to discuss the things that matter in our lives, and arrive at ways to improve the lives of people in every walk of life.

Journey of Hope

Hosted by J. Lynn Martell, DMin, director of special services for radiation medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center, Journey of Hope features inspirational stories by people who have overcome personal medical challenges. Their struggle and incredible journey has led them through crises into an experience of hope, healing, and wholeness.

Kitchen Conversations

Hazel Curtis, RN, MPH, an inspirational speaker and leader of healthcare innovation, covers issues from human trafficking, to finding the best wig. Enjoy her Kitchen Conversations with common people and experts, over a hot cup of tea.

LifeHouse Theater

From Redlands, California, Lifehouse Theater  produces stage plays of beloved classics, and breathtaking original plays. Thrill to high adventure, laugh with outrageous comedy, and melt with deep feeling as Lifehouse takes you on the family friendly theatrical trip of a lifetime.

Lifestyle Magazine

Mike and Gayle Tucker host this exciting talk-show which addresses the things that matter to us: marriage, relationships, raising kids, dealing with teen issues, common health problems, and the various current issues that concern us.


For over 25 years Dr. David DeRose has been helping people improve their health through motivational presentations and natural therapies. With these seminars, learn how to become more healthy naturally.

Lifestyle & Preventative Care

Ruth Tanyi, RN, MSN, Nutrition Specialist, Health & Fitness Instructor, and Journalist, brings together specialists in many areas of healthcare to inform people on how to use nutrition and lifestyle to prevent disease and live a more fulfilling life.

McDougall MD

Best-selling author, John McDougall, MD, brings a wealth of information on common and uncommon conditions, diseases, and injuries. The McDougall Plan is known around the world for its success in weight loss, reversing diabetes, and reducing heart disease.

Rise Up

Rise Up and get a great cardio workout with acclaimed health and fitness experts, Tiger and Jennifer Webster. Learn tips on enjoyable lifestyle and nutrition choices you can make to improve your overall experience.

Straight Talk

Author and speaker Egypt McKee designed  Straight Talk program to help young people to discover, uncover, and recover from life’s character challenges: To Be or Not To Be Relevant?

This Life

Carla Gober, Barbara Hernandez and Dilys Brooks host this lively and informative talk show covering relevant questions people have regarding the topics of dating/marriage, family, relationships and mental health. 

Vegetables in Great Abundance

The VIGA Show (Vegetables in Great Abundance) is hosted by Kari Bachman, a nutrition specialist for New Mexico State University. This television series features farmer's markets and the local growers in New Mexico. The show focuses on the vegetables that you can buy in the farmer's market, and what you can prepare with those vegetables.

The Whole Message

Join Chef Mark Anthony as he makes vegan food not only easy to make but delicious too! He provides tips on how to prepare dishes and has food for thought about the truth of today's health trends.

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