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A New Day

“A New Day” with Dr. Tammy is a half-hour program featuring themed episodes that explore a wide range of specific relevant topics including marital relations, family dynamics, grieving, coping with disabilities, overcoming fears and more timely issues.  The themes of "A New Day", Dr. Tammy's warm and engaging approach, and the practical solutions offered to address commonly encountered problems all combine with a modern sensibility to create a unique television experience.

Hot Health

Hot Health is a program that focuses on what it means to live a nutritious lifestyle holistically. Topics covered include mental health, nutrition, and exercise to name a few. Hot Health was produced in conjunction with the General Conference health department. Tune in to this amazing program for hot health tips from doctors and nutrition experts from around the world.

Health Breakthrough

This series delves into nutrition theory simplified! Dr. Scharffenberg offers the viewers simple tips on eating a healthy diet and how to incorporate different healthy food groups into your daily life.

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