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about us

Our Vision
To empower communities to lead healthier, happier and better lives.

Smart LifeStyle Television empowers viewers to embrace a smarter, healthier lifestyle through programming that is educational, entertaining and encouraging.


Educate: People are constantly bombarded by information but don’t have anyone to help them navigate through all the options. Whether it is health concerns, relationships, healthier cooking or the proper way to stretch, Smart LifeStyle Television covers a multitude of different subjects to help you think about better lifestyle options.


Entertain: You remember that boring professor at school. The information was invaluable but how it was presented was not entertaining enough, so the information did not stick with you. Here at Smart LifeStyle Television, we want you to put the information to good use, and the best way to remember something is to make it entertaining.


Encourage: Making changes for the better is not always easy. That’s why we encourage you to keep going by giving you resources to use through our programming and our website.


Smart Lifestyle Televsion is not a replacement for your doctor, and information gained is not to be used as a diagnostic tool. Rather, it is a way to be more informed of what is available and what you can do about it.  Smart Lifestyle TV will encourage you to be more proactive and involved with your overall wellness, and to know what kinds of questions to ask of your medical professionals. 


Welcome to Smart Lifestyle Television, a new way of living better!

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