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cable access

Smart LifeStyle Television is an excellent choice for hundreds of cable access channels throughout America.

24/7 educational programming for your community

  • The most up to date information on health

  • Lifestyle information and education

  • Exercise and fitness

  • Cooking and nutrition

  • Public health classes direct from university classrooms

And much more!

What you need to add this channel to your city government channel:
  • Satellite Dish, $250.00 plus installation (one time fee) OR

  • IPTV based receiver, $250.00 (one time fee)

  • Video switch to allow you to switch between city council meeting and this channel

monthly subscription

$250.00 per month per city​

free monthly service for the first six months!

Click to download and email our affiliate application, or fill in the contact form below and a representative will get back to you.

Thanks! Message sent.

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