colorful cooking

This ongoing series hosted by Olivia Moses, DrPH, puts all the colors of the rainbow into every meal.  Guest chefs from various parts of the world bring variety and cultural flavor.​  

Sunday 1pm

Monday 12pm

Tuesday 2:30 am & 3pm

Wednesday 6am & 6pm

Thursday 9am & 9pm

Friday 12pm

Saturday 2:30 am

Pacific Time

Dr. Olivia Moses received her doctorate in Public Health from Loma Linda University specializing in Preventive Care and lifestyle disease prevention. She also holds a masters degree in Public Health specializing in Health Promotion and Education. Dr. Moses is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health Fitness Specialist. Her dissertation research and passion is in the field of obesity and weight management. She believes that everyone can achieve better health with a commitment and small steps. A teacher for 10 years and guest speaker for churches and conferences, she finds inspiration from everyone she meets. She attributes her passion for life to the loves of her life, her husband Khari Washington, her parents Franklin and Bhagyam Moses, and sister Dr. Stephanie Moses. She is currently in charge of employee wellness for Loma Linda University Health. 

Download your free recipes below from Dr. Olivia Moses, host of 'Colorful Cooking', shown exclusively on Smart LifeStyle TV.


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