direct transfer

If you have a bank account with a major bank like Bank of America or Chase, you can make a direct deposit to Smart LifeStyle TV from your checking account. All you have to know is the email to make a direct deposit.

Bank of America Example

Step 1:

Click on "Transfers" then Send Money to Someone "Using their email address or mobile number"

Step 2:

Add a new recipient with this information

Step 3:

Choose where you want to transfer money from and the email you want to send the money to. Add in the amount you want to send and your personal message. Then click continue transfer and you are done!

Chase Bank Example

Step 1:

On the mobile app click on "Transfer Money" then "Send Money"

Step 2:

Click "Add Recipient" then add this information

Step 3:

Add the amount you would like to donate and add an optional message for SLS then click "Send money" and you are done!

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